About Us

Ballislife.com started in May 2005. A group of friends who loved to make mixtapes decided they wanted to build a website of their own and produce original content. The thought of becoming an actual company never really crossed their minds. Instead, they kept pushing with the hobby and continued their passion and represented their name by the work they did.  


Many people think that "ball is life" means basketball is life. What it really means is that in order to make it in life you must put in the work and grind it out. Success never comes easy, you have to work at it and craft your skill. Essentially, you have to ball. 


With that mindset Ballislife decided to create our own designs and market the name which so many fans, athletes, and friends loved. We decided to create a brand that represented the people who put in hours of work daily to accomplish a goal of making a success story for themselves and their family. We started out selling our product in Southern California, and it was instantly a hit. We then took it online and have sold to over 50 different countries and still counting. 


To the countless people who have repped Ballislife in different countries around the world, watched our videos with friends, watched our videos to get pumped up before a game, we say thank you. Without all of you, everything we have done is not possible. Every thank you we receive from ball players whom we have helped gain exposure, or kids around the world thanking us for entertaining them with a new mixtape, highlight, or blog post makes us work harder to provide more for you. Thank you again! We do this for you guys! BALLISLIFE - PUSH THE MOVEMENT!


Shirts & Skins, Inc is the exclusive Ballislife branded team uniform licensee.